Conversation with Rory Gallagher, June 19, 1991

The article in the "Christian Science Monitor", July 29, 1991, was partly based on this taped interview, which Shiv Cariappa has kindly allowed us to reproduce on the Rory Gallagher Home Page.

I first talked to Rory just before he got on stage at the Paradise Club near Boston on March 29, 1991. He agreed to an interview from London because conditions were unsuitable to carry on a conversation at the club.

As promised, he called me on June 19, 1991, from London. My article, following my talks with Rory, appeared in the Christian Science Monitor on July 29, 1991. I must confess that I approached the interview more from the perspective of a longtime fan than a journalist. I have done some minor editing to clean up some pauses and interjections, but the transcripts remain essentially faithful to the original taped conversation.
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