2018: Central Bank of Ireland will release €15 Silver Proof Rory Gallagher Coin.

As part of the new Modern Irish Musicians Series this coin will commemorate the 70th anniversary of Rory Gallagher’s birth in 1948. The coin will be launched in summer 2018 with an issue limit of 3,000 pieces. This will be the first coin in a three year series called ‘Modern Irish Musicians.’ The other coins in this series will be issued to honour Phil Lynott in 2019 and Luke Kelly in 2020.

Tributes in Cork

Rory Gallagher Place and memorial sculpture
Cork Corporation is planning to call the music section of the City Library the Rory Gallagher Library (as reported by The Examiner, Cork, Nov 23, 1995).
Rory Gallagher's birthplace is marked with the erection of a commemorative plaque
The Rory Gallagher Bar
Crowley's Music Centre
Rory's Grave (see News 25th Feb 1997 and Top-priority website)
Rory Gallagher Corner

Avenue Rory Gallagher in Paris

3rd November 1995: a Rory tribute evening at Le Plan, Ris Orangis, Paris (Rory played a one off at the club to help them celebrate their 10th Anniversary last December) where the town council have renamed the road of the venue Avenue Rory Gallagher.

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