Rory Gallagher Place and memorial sculpture

Cork Corporation has renamed Paul Street Plaza as Rory Gallagher Place. At 6.00 pm, Saturday, 25th October 1997, the Lord Mayor of the Cork City, Councillor David McCarthy, unveiled a memorial sculpture to the memory of Rory Gallagher in a major focal point of the City located in the old French Quarter (Paul Street). The Cork Corporation will rename this particular spot the Rory Gallagher Place. A reception in the Council Chambers in Cork City Hall followed the unveiling.

The unique bronze sculpture was created by Cork artist Geraldine Creedon in honour of Rory Gallagher, at the request of Cork Corporation and Rory's family. The bronze sculpture takes the form of a guitar on one side, while the other side consists of intertwined lyrics from Rory's Jinx album. Geraldine, was friendly with Rory as a teenager in Cork city where they both grew up, she now lives in Newcestown near Bandon in West Cork.

The following lyrics (which are taken from the Jinx album) are embossed on the sculpture.

 Don't paint it all so sadly                                     I don't know you lately 
 I feel like a lost child, searching in the dark                      I'll change it all      
 I'm just in town to have some fun                My heart's at peace, my soul's on fire  
 My mind knows all the things my eyes can't see                 Please don't lock me out        
 Try again to hear a brand new tune                  You found the thorn behind the rose     
 You used to fly and chase the wind      

Further Information from:

Mark Mulqueen - Cork Corporation Arts Officer, City Hall
Geraldine Creedon

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