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Albert King - Live (1975)

Reissued as CD, 1989, RHINO  R2 71622
Recorded at Montreux Festival Studios, Montreux, Switzerland. Produced by
Kevin Eggers, Phil Lawrence, Giorgio Gomelsky.

1. Watermelon Man  (3.45)
2. Don't Burn Down the Bridge  (4.00)
3. Blues At Sunrise  (10.40)
4. That's What The Blues Is All About  (6.25)
5. Stormy Monday  (7.12)
6. Kansas City  (6.59)
7. I'm Gonna Call You As Soon As The Sun Goes Down  (8.55)
8. As The Years Go Passing By  (8.48)
10.  I'll Play The Blues For You  (6.40)

Albert King: lead guitar and vocals
James Washington: keyboards
Nate Fitzgerald, Steve Wilson, Wayne Preston: horns
Joe Turner: drums
Lonnie Turner: bass
Rory Gallagher: guitar (1st solo break on "As The Years Go Passing By")
Louisiana Red: guitar

From the album notes by Robert Palmer: " "I'm gonna hang these young boys
by their toes up here tonight", Albert King asserted before kicking off
his Montreux performance of "I'm Gonna Call You As Soon As The Sun Goes
Down".  He was referring to Rory Gallagher and Louisiana Red, two fellow
blues guitarists who had joined him earlier in the set but were content to
hang back and contribute rhythm chording..." "Gallagher plays the first
solo break and plays lead initially on "As The Years Go Passing By"."

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