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Chris Barber & Band - The Outstanding Album

Featuring: Rory Gallagher, Paul Buckmaster, Peter Robinson,
Ashton-Gardner-Dyke and Lieber (BELL Records BLR 89 300)

The 21 tracks included in this triple CD set were recorded between
1968 and 1971.

Rory plays in two of them:

A.1 "Drat That Frattle Rat" (3'58) (Hammond/Barber)
A.5 "Sleepy Lovie" (4'49) (Hammond/Barber)

These recordings took place at the Marquee Studio, on July 9th 1971, with the fo
llowing line-up:

Chris Barber (trombone)
Pat Halcox (trumpet)
John Crocker (clarinet, overdub)
Jackie Flavelle (bass)
Peter Robinson (organ, piano)
John Slaughter (guitar)
Rory Gallagher (guitar)
Graham Burbridge (drums)

>From the inner booklet:

"In jazz lexicons Chris Barber ranks as an old-time musician. What
most of the authors don't know: the trombonist Donald Christopher
Barber, born on April 17th 1930 in Welwyn Garden City, was together
with Harold Pendelton joint owner of the London "Marquee", that
unforgettable club in which the rock stars Steve Winwood, Eric
Clapton, John Mayall, Eric Burdon and Mick Jagger together with the
Rolling Stones appeared regularly on stage.  As eminence grise in the
background, Chris Barber cultivated friendships with the rock
musicians who appeared in the Marquee Club as well as with young
talents such as the guitarist Rory Gallagher [...].

The Irishman Rory Gallagher, who left his band "Taste" in 1970,
dominates the blues "Drat That Frattle Rat" with earthy guitar
sounds. His emotional solo, the striking wind passages and the
resilient electric bass are typical of British blues of the time. He
also proves his skill as a bottleneck guitarist in the blues "Sleepy
Lovie" [...]".

Jan Foerster (translation by Diana Loos)

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