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Davy Spillane Band - Out Of The Air

1. Atlantic Bridge
2. River of Gems
3. Daire's Dream
4. The Storm
5. Mystic Seacliffs

6. The Road to Ballyalla (8.38) (D.Spillane)
7. Litton Lane (5.15) (D.Spillane / A.Drennan / J.Delaney / T.Molloy / P.Moran)
8. One for Phil (2.28) (R.Gallagher / D.Spillane)

The album was released at the end of 1988 by TARA Records (TARA
CD 2017).

Rory plays electric sitar on 'The Road to Ballyalla'; electric and
acoustic slide guitars on 'Litton Lane'; acoustic "Silvertone" guitar
on 'One for Phil' (Tribute to Phil Lynott). These tracks are produced
by P.J. Curtis.

Irish uilleann piper maestro Davy Spillane in his tribute to Rory
Gallagher (Hot Press, Vol.19, No.13, 12 July 1995) remembers:

"On an album called "Out of the Air", Rory dropped in one time to play
on a couple of tracks. It was an electric blues album I made with a
lot ot the Moving Hearts. He was In Dublin and he was free for a
while so we asked him would he come down to do a few things with us
and he did. He played a guitar that I provided him which is a
thirty-year-old lady-size harmony guitar which he played on a track
we did with impromptu guitar and low whistle ["One for Phil"]. He was
very gen erous with his time, friendly, accessible and showed an
interest at a time when not that many people were all that focused on
that kind of things."

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