Produced by Rory Gallagher; production associate Alan O'Duffy. Recorded
and mixed at the Point, Olympic, West Three, Music Works, and Redan Studios,
All compositions by Rory Gallagher except "Don't Start Me Talkin'" by
'Sonny Boy' Williamson.

1. Kickback City
2. Loanshark Blues
3. Continental Op (to: Dashiell Hammet)
4. I Ain't No Saint
5. Failsafe Day
6. Road to Hell
7. Doing Time
8. Smear Campaign
9. Don't Start Me Talkin
10. Seven Days
11. Seems to Me
12. No Peace for the Wicked

Tracks 11 and 12 not on the LP release.


1987 Demon Records Ltd (LP)
1987 Demon Records Ltd, FIENDCD 98 (CD)

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