Guest Appearances

The Dubliners - 30 Years A-Greying

1992 Baycourt RTE-CD 157-30
A 2-CD Set.  Produced by Eamonn Campbell.

CD 1
1. The Rose
2. Eileen/Og
3. Jigs: The Fisherman's Lilt/Tobin's Fancy/Peggy's Jig
4. The Death of the Bear
5. The Galway Shawl
6. Jockey to the Fair
7. The Pool Song
8. Barley and Grape Rag  (with Rory Gallagher)
9. I'm Asking You Sergeant Where's Mine (with Billy Connolly)
10. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
11. Flowers of Normandy
12. Phil the Fluter's Ball
13. Bantry Girl's Lament
14. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (with Eleanor Shanley, Rory Gallagher)
15. The Auld Triangle

Produced by Eamonn Campbell except for 'I'm Asing You Sergeant Where's
Mine', produced by Phil Coulter.
All tracks recorded and mixed at Westland Studios, Dublin, Feb-June,
1992, except 'Barley and Grape Rag' recorded at Raezor Studios, London,
30th May, 1992. Mastered at Trend Studios, Dublin.
Guest musicians listed include: Rory Gallagher (harmonica & tambourine);
Jim Leverton (bass guitar and maracas on 'Barley and Grape Rag').

'Barley and Grape Rag':
   Vocals: Ronnie Drew/Rory Gallagher. Musicians: John Sheahan (fiddle),
   Barney McKenna (banjo), Eamonn Campbell (guitar), Rory Gallagher
   (guitar/harmonica), Rory Boyle (tuba), Jim Leverton (bass guitar, maracas)

This version of 'Barley and Grape Rag' is also on The Dubliners' Milestones

In his tribute to Rory (Hot Press, vol. 19, No. 13, July, 1995), John
Sheahan of The Dubliners said: "The Dubliners recorded one of Rory's
songs, 'The Barley and Grape Rag', for our thirty years celebration album,
and Rory agreed to play on the track himself.  We were in awe of playing
with the great Rory Gallagher with his big name and reputation, especially
doing one of his songs which is very different from our normal repertoire.
When the session was finished, I told Rory that it had been great working
with him and generally expressed our relief that it had gone well. And he
says, 'Jesus, you've no idea how nervous I was about recording with the
Dubliners'. ..... He was a very shy guy and quite nervous when it came to
recording.  It took a while in the studio for him to psyche himself up
until he was ready to go for a take.  He was a perfectionist, but a very
humble sort of character..."

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