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Fresh Evidence

1.  Kid Gloves
2.  The King of Zydeco
3.  Middle Name
4.  Alexis
5.  Empire State Express
6.  Ghost Blues
7.  Heaven's Gate
8.  The Loop
9.  Walkin' Wounded
10. Slumming Angel

Bonus tracks:
11. Never Asked You For Nothin'
12. Bowed Not Broken

Rory Gallagher: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, dulcimer, electric
sitar, mandola.
Gerry McAvoy: Bass
Brendan O'Neil: Drums
Mark Feltham: Harmonica
Geraint Watkins: Accordian
John Cooke: Keyboards
Lou Martin: Piano
John Earle: Tenor sax and baritone sax
Ray Beavis: Tenor sax
Dick Hanson: Trumpet

Produced by Rory Gallagher

Recorded at Maison Rouge, Redan Recorders Music Station, Audio One.

Mastering: George Peckham at 'Porky's'

Remastered by Tony Arnold at Courthouse Facilities, Dorset

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