In The Beginning

Also released as Taste First (1972 BASF, D: 20 290840-0) and Take It Easy Baby (Springboard Records 1976)

Emerald Gem, GES 1110.  All compositions by Rory Gallagher.  Produced and
compiled by Mervyn Solomon.
Recorded July 1967.

Side 1
1. Wee Wee Baby  (2.45)
2. How Many More Years (3.24)
3. Take It Easy Baby (7.08)
Side 2
1. You've Got To Pay (3.55)
2. Worried Man (2.30)
3. Norman Invasion (3.01)
4. Pardon Me Mister (2.44)

Rory Gallagher: lead guitar, mouth organ, vocals
Eric Kitteringham: bass
Norman Damery: drums

From the sleeve notes by Mervyn Solomon: "On stage [at the Maritime Club,
Belfast, July, 1967] three young boys [from Cork] played the most exciting
blues music I had ever heard in Ireland...The following was
agreed that they should spend a day or two in our recording studio.  This
was the first time Taste had ever been in a studio...Here is a selection
of seven numbers from that historic session...These tracks portray all the
excitment and enthusiasm the boys had and also let you hear Rory's
earliest song writing efforts.  Every track is exciting, as you feel when
you listen that the birth of one of the world's greatest blues groups was
taking place.  All the tracks were recorded live without any


1972, "First"             BASF 20 290840-0 (D, LP, original)
1974, "In the Begining"   Emerald Gem, GES 1110 (LP)
1976, "Take It Easy Baby" Springboard Records (LP)

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