Live! In Europe - Stage Struck

From the 2 CD set cover notes by John Lewin (Making Music): "When
"Live!  in Europe" was first released in '72 it went directly into the
album charts and resided in the top ten for several weeks, netting Rory a
gold album...Rory was already established as one of the great rock/blues
guitar players.......The Rory Gallagher band toured Europe in February and
March 1972 recording as they went.  "That tour is still very vivid", says
Rory. "By the time we got to the live album, we'd got rid of that
‘precise’ studio hang up so it was time to let rip again" and they did:
dynamic and fluid solos mixed right up with the vocal in "Bullfrog Blues",
a storming acoustic "Going to My Home Town" - and listen to Rory turn up
before the last solo in "Messin' With The Kid"."  "Stage Struck" showcases
the rockier side of their ['79 - '80] world tour.... [Rory comments] "I
think "Shin Kicker" is probably my favorite live it takes on a raw
twist...playing live is always instincive for me, more primal"."

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