Live! In Europe

Produced by Rory Gallagher.
This album was compiled from live performances throughout Europe during
February and March, 1972.

1. Messin' with the Kid  (6.24)
2. Laundromat  (5.06)
(Rory Gallagher)
3. I Could've Had religion  (8.28)
(Trad. arranged Rory Gallagher)
4. Pistol Slapper Blues  (3.00)
(Blindboy Fuller)
5. Going to My Home Town  (6.13)
(Rory Gallagher)
6. In your Town  (9.48)
(Rory Gallagher)
7. Bullfrog Blues  (6.46)
(Trad. arranged Rory Gallagher)

Rory Gallagher: vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica
Wilgar Campbell: drums
Gerry McAvoy: bass


1972, Polydor 2383 112 Super (UK and D: (UK: foc!), LP, original)

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