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Phil Coulter - Words And Music

Phil Coulter                    SHANACHIE 53008

A unique collection celebrating 25 years of Phil Coulter's music as a
songwriter, record producer and musician.
Recorded at Livingston Studios, London, 1989.  Arranged and Produced by
Phil Coulter.

Also released by German label East West Records (A Time Warner
Company; P and C date: 1991; catalogue nr. 9031-73835-1)

1. Spancil Hill
2. Steal Away
3. Red Red Rose/Bonny Mary
4. Take Me Home (Featuring The Dubliners)
5. John O'Dreams
6. The Old Man
7. Will Ye Go Lassie Go? (Featuring Rory Gallagher)
8. The West's Awake
9. I Loved The Ground (Featuring Ralph McTell)
10. The Nightingale/Galway Shawl
11. Scorn Not His Simplicity (Featuring Suzanne Murphy)
12. Beautiful Dreamer
13. Home From The Sea (Featuring Liam Clancy and the Lifeboat Chorus)
14. The Streets of London
15. The Town I Loved So Well

>From the inner booklet:
"This is one of the first songs I ever learned.  I never thought that one
day I'd record a version of it featuring a legendary guitar hero like Rory
Gallagher.  His style and technique are world famous, but I am lost in
admiration for the sensitivity of his playing on this track, on both
acoustic and electric guitars. " (Phil Coulter)

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