1978 Chrysalis (LP: 6307 620)
Recorded at Dierks Studio, Cologne, W. Germany.
Produced by Rory Gallagher and Alan O'Duffy.
All compositions by Rory Gallagher

Side 1:
1. Shinkicker (3.57)
2. Brute Force and Ignorance (4.23)
3. Cruise On Out (4.42)
4. Cloak and Dagger (5.18)
5. Overnight Bag (4.35)
Side 2:
1. Shadow Play (4.46)
2. The Mississippi Sheiks (6.04)
3. The Last of the Independents (4.01)
4. Fuel to the Fire (6.16)

Rory Gallagher: vocals, guitars, harmonica, mandolin
Gerry McAvoy: bass
Ted McKenna: drums

The recording of the album was almost completed in America
when Rory in a moment of "spring fever" decided to disband
his backing group after a working life of six years. Lou Martin (keyboards)
and Rod de'Ath (drums) had to go, leaving only Gerry McAvoy from the old
band. (Melody Maker, May 13, 1978). The album was subsequently re-recorded
in Germany and released in October 1978. 

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