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Roberto Manes - Phoenician Dream

Release Date: 20th September 1999

Track Listing

1. When blues is only a prayer
2. Phoenician dream
3. Sailing in the higher ocean
4. Pillars of Hercules
5. Sign of tanit
6. Echoes of the kinnor
7. Raga for G M Volonte
8. Voices from the bazaar
9. Noche gaudiniana
10. From Beersheba to haran


Rory Gallagher plays acoustic guitars and harmonica and is given songwriting credits on tracks 7 and 8.

From the album sleeve notes:

A word about the recordings with Rory Gallagher
December 22nd 1994

"Rory was one of those rare people in whom art and life combine as one. I came across him several times both on and off the stage. The one thing I always noticed about him was his tremendous inner strength and belief in what he was doing. these recordings further testify to this. I shall never forget the solemn manner in which he approached the recording session nor the abslolute calmness he felt afterwards.

We never had the chance to finalise the titles of the tracks. However Rory told me that he would like to dedicate the first piece that we recorded to one of his favourite actors, Gian Maria Volonte, and the second to the spirit of a street market in Africa.

I shared many other special moments with rory which I shall cherish forever and it is with much fondness and the utmost respect that I present these two recordings, both of which should, and I think do, speak for themselves."

Roberto Manes

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