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Samuel Eddy: Strangers on the Run

Samuel Eddy is a young and promising bluesrock guitarist from Dublin. His first album ("Samuel Eddy", SPV 084-96372) was released in 1991. Donal and Rory Gallagher's names were included in the "thanks to" list.

Probably one of the last recordings made by Rory was a guest appearance in Samuel Eddy's second album ("Strangers on the Run", SPV 085-89422) widely released in September 1995.


1. Sweetest revenge
2. Strangers on the run
3. Snake tattoo
4. Blues on your doorstep
5. Night in the `dam
6. Funkytown
7. Mystica
8. Get lost
9. Ain't goin' cheap
10. Turn around
11. Falsely accused

Samuel Eddy: vocals, guitars, electric slide and acoustic guitars
Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan: bass guitar
Ger Farrell: drums and percussion.

Special guest musicians:
Rory Gallagher: guitar and slide guitar, track 11
Jan Akkerman: guitar, track 5; guitar and guitar synth., track 7
Keith Donald: curved soprano sax, track2; alto sax, track 8 and 10.

All lyrics by Samuel Eddy, music by Samuel Eddy & Gerald O'Sullivan
except "Turn around", by Don Nix.

From the album press release:

"This album confirms Sam's own fully developed sound and style largely complemented by his rock solid rhythm section, comprising of Sam's long-time experienced bassist Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan and Ger Farrell, one of Ireland's finest young rock drummers.

Together Samuel Eddy and his band have successfully captured their live energetic feel in the studio. (...) Sam co-produced the album with veteran engineer/producer Robin Black (Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull etc.). But most importantly, this new album displays clear evidence of Sam's growing talent as a competent singer/songwriter and unique guitarist who plays with a passion and feel that is second to none.

"Strangers on the Run" also features guest appearances by the late Irish bluesrock legend Rory Gallagher, Dutch guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman and Irish saxophone star Keith Donald of Moving Hearts".

Samuel Eddy has kindly accepted our invitation to write, expecially for the Rory Gallagher Page, some words about himself and Rory. We wish to thank him for his kind collaboration.

"In reply to Sergio Seghetti who recently wrote me asking if I would write something about my all time hero, Rory Gallagher, my association with the humble guitar legend and how it came about that Rory guested on my second album shortly before his untimely passing.

I first heard Rory's music when I was about eleven years old. I had been playing the acoustic guitar for a couple of years by then, mainly folk music etc., and I was fascinated by Rory's music which was my first introduction to the blues and the electric lead/solo guitar. He inspired me to buy an electric guitar and start playing in my first band. Rory's music also put me on to other blues-rock players such as Clapton, Hendrix, Johnny Winter to mention but a few. Around this time I started to write and sing my own material realising at the early age of fourteen that Rory had not only influenced my music but inspired me a way of life.

Sometime in the mid seventies I saw Rory perform live on T.V. and I was blown away. But it wasn't to be until 1982 that I experienced the man himself live at an open-air festival in Ireland. It was great and also one of the happiest days of my life as I went backstage and met for the first time the man whose music changed my life. Soon after meeting him I packed my guitar and started travelling.I met Rory again in Los Angeles and we stayed in touch ever since that, mainly from a distance as I was also on the road touring a lot, etc.

A sad thing is that I believe we became closest throughout the last six months of his life and we talked a lot on the phone towards the end. I understand I am only one of the millions of number one fans of Rory. I'm very proud to have known the man as well as his music, and I feel greatly honoured that I had the opportunity to record and work in a studio with my hero.

Rory was a true gentleman, a humble honest man, whose art brought much happiness and moved many many people, as does the legacy of many wonderful albums we can still cherish today.

Rory lived for his music and Rory died for his music and, like so many I will never forget Rory Gallagher or his music as long as I live.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Eddy,

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