Recorded at Polydor Studios, London.
Produced by Rory Gallagher.

1. Tattoo (4.38)
2. Cradle Rock (6.15)
3. 20-20 Vision (4.00)
4. They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore (4.03)
5. Livin' Like A Trucker (4.20)
6. Sleep On A Clothes Line (5.13)
7. Who's That Coming (7.11)
8. A Million Miles Away (6.54)
9. Admit It (4.19)

All tracks written by Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher: guitars, vocals
Gerry McAvoy: bass
Lou Martin: keyboards
Rod De'Ath: drums and percussion

Notes (anon) from the accompanying booklet of the Blueprint/Tatoo 2 CD Set:
"Rory Gallagher, one of rock's finest musicians, has had several albums
released and 'Blueprint' was the first of these two albums to reach the top
ten, in the U.K. charts. It was the studio debut of the second Rory
Gallagher band line-up: Gallagher and bassist, Gerry McAvoy, were joined by
new drummer, Rod De'Ath and Lou Martin on keyboards.
Even though 'Blueprint' starts with the electric 1 2-bar blues riffs of
'Walk on Hot Coals', it's obvious from the rest of the album that Rory was
attempting to show the breadth of his musical vocabulary. As well as the
acoustic blues of Big Bill Broonzy's 'Banker's Blues', we are given a
country waltz on 'If I Had A Reason' and a ragtimey solo acoustic piece with
'Unmilitary Two-Step'. And in 'Seventh Son of A Seventh Son', he rework a
well-known blues theme whilst steering clear of traditional arrangements.
The most unusual song lyrically is 'Daughter of The Everglades', which is
almost folk romantic in style and, yet again, displays Rory's skill as an
imaginative songwriter.
Rory has said that he finds recording "a constant battle trying to get a
live atmosphere on the rocky songs", which could explain why some of the
playing on 'Blueprint' seems rather controlled. Although there's less than a
year between the two albums, by comparison, Gallagher's production
on 'Tattoo', is playful and relaxed. Listen to the raucus slide solo in
'Cradle Rock', the jazzy riffing of 'They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore',
or the laugh in Rory's voice in the semi-acoustic '20:20 Vision', and you
can hear the difference - the latter being a more relaxed singer/songwriter
Although the heavier 'Tattoo'd Lady' and 'Cradle Rock' are better known,'A
Million Miles Away', is a real high point of 'Tattoo', moving from Rory's
folky intro, it mixes picky guitar work in the verse and Hammond organ in
the chorus with a powerful tune that really builds, using Rory's
(uncredited) multi-tracked sax to add real dynamics as the band fade into
the distance. Enjoy 'Blueprint' and 'Tattoo', which are fine examples of
Rory's works."


1973 Polydor (UK, LP)
1989 Castle Communications TFOCD 021/1 (CD, as part of the 2CD release
1994 Castle Communications CLACD 315 (CD)

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