Top Prioriry


Produced by Rory Gallagher and Alan O'Duffy

Recorded at Dierks Studio (Cologne, Germany)
Mixed at Maison Rouge, Olympic and DJM Studios

All compositions by Rory Gallagher

RORY GALLAGHER: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Dulcimer
GERRY McAVOY: Bass Guitar

1. Follow Me (4.38)
2. Philby (3.49)
3. Wayward Child (3.29)
4. Keychain (4.08)
5. At the Depot (2.56)
6. Bad Penny (4.00)
7. Just Hit Town (3.35)
8. Off The Handle (5.35)
9. Public Enemy No. 1 (3.43)

CD re-release (1988, Demon Records, FIENDCD 123)
contains track 10: Nothing But The Devil (Jerry West) (3.41).
This acoustic blues track was originally released as a free single with the
first 2- 3000 Stage Struck LPs in England. The live recording was made
during a broadcast by Capitol Radio (March 18th, 1980), in which Rory 
played a number of acoustic songs.


1979 Chrysalis Records CHR 1235 (LP)
1988 Demon Records, FIENDCD 123 (CD, w/"Nothing But The Devil")

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