Empty Stage

This isn't the ending I would choose to write,
on the last chapter in your book of Life.
Words will never heal the pain within, and music
can't hide the rough shape I'm in.

Happy go lucky that's always been me.
People taking notice of the change they see.
Life isn't Fair, it's a give and take and your
story so Far came way too late.

Chorus: All I see is Empty Stage. All that's left's an
Empty Stage. Empty Stage.

Did they line the streets of EireAnn holding
candles in the night? Lighting up the memory of a
brave and gallant fight. Life isn't fair it's a
take and give. Your brothers' hurting cuz he's the
one left to live

Chorus: All he sees is Empty Stage. All that's left is
Empty Stage. Empty Stage.

Your guitars left behind you, he's extended his
hand. He needs you beside him. Footprints in the
sand. We don't understand and may not agree.
(Your one of Gods children he'll bounce on his knee.)

Chorus: All we see is Empty Stage. All that's lefts an
Empty Stage. Empty Stage. Empty Stage.

Marianne Murphy has given permission to reproduce the above lyrics on the Rory Gallagher Home Page.
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