NEWS UPDATE 25th Feb 1997

1. You have probably noticed that the RG compartments of the record stores are emptying fast. This is because ALL existing contracts have now been terminated. The good news however, is that discussions are currently underway with NEW RECORD COMPANIES .... Watch this space.

2. Following the successful remixing of Deuce, Producer /Engineer Colin Fairley has almost completed remixing PHOTO FINISH. ALL other albums will be remastered and remixed where required.

3. 14/15 June will see the FLEADH FESTIVAL in Randall's Island, NEW YORK dedicated to Rory's memory. Vince Power (of Mean Fiddler fame) will promote this event.

4. It is hoped that the complete Rory CATALOGUE will be reissued to coincide with the Fleadh Festival. There is also a real possibility of a NEW ALBUM of previously unreleased works.

5. SIGNATURE STRAT - Autumn release confirmed. Final design decisions will be made following Donal's impending visit to Fender (US) with Rory's guitar. A new techniquefor pre-stressing paintwork will also be evaluated. (Get the matchboxes ready ! - jwf)

6. NEW HEADSTONE in place: (See photos)
This fantastic bronze monument has been constructed by The Workshop Manager of the Irish National Sculpture Factory - Eoin O Riabhaigh (a champion Irish pipe player). The sides of the headstone are highly polished while the front is a matt finish. The smallest 'finger' on the right is accurately fretted and exactly the length of a strat fingerboard!

7. A new street in Dublin's TEMPLE BAR will be named after Rory.

8. Plans for the RORY GALLAGHER LIBRARY in Cork are progressing.

9. The IRISH TOUR VIDEO sound quality is currently being enhanced by Tony Arnold.

10. Rory's long time Road Manager TOM O'DRISCOLL has been archiving box loads of material to mount a MOBILE EXHIBITION relating to Rory's dates, recordings and instruments.

11. NICK HARTHILL (the former fan club Secretary) will soon be on the Internet and MERCHANDISE will be available via his Web site.

12. DONAL sends his personal thanks to everyone who has written. ".... I will respond to communications as soon as I can. We have been working exhaustively to clear the backlog and obviously it is taking time to sort out the estate."

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