Here's a quotation from a letter from The Juke Joints:

"The CD is dedicated to the memory of Rory Gallagher, the Irish bluesrock guitarist who was a giant inspiration on the Juke Joints sound. Singer/drummer Peter Kempe wrote the slowblues 'Bad News on the Line" to dedicate Rory Gallagher"

The Juke Joints recorded also one of Rory's faourite songs 'The Loop' on the CD.

Liner notes on CD by Donal Gallagher

Since our beloved Rory moved on it has been difficult for me to get in to listening to music generally but when I first put this album on, things changed, and this live record rocked me out and it's blues (check out Bad News On The Line) cut me to the bone. I know Rory would have derived so much pleasure from this Juke's recording and in particular their version of 'The Loop' thanks you Juke Joints for keeping the torch alight.

Bad News On The Line

Woke up this morning, Bad news on the line
Good friend passed away, His strings no longer shine

Nobody knew the pain and lonesome, Nobody home to wait at night
Nobody will ever know, The battle you had to fight

Flew around the world, Million people shouted your name
Sad this had to come, Last flight on your western plane

Music & words Peter Kempe (Juke Joints)

The CD can be ordered by sending $20 US dollars to the address below:

Juke Joints Agency
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Phone/Fax: (0)113-649673

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