„The Loop“, having been named after Rory's instrumental song from the CD ,,Fresh Evidence“, has lined up as a blues-rock-trio in 1994. „The Loop“ used to play the kind of blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dave Spector, Monti Amundsen, Gravy etc. and, of course, a number of songs written by Rory Gallagher or interpreted by him (like Don't Start Me Talking from Sonny Boy Williamson).

In 1997 ,,The Loop“ and couple of friends and musicians organized the first Goettinger „Rory Gallagher Tribute Concert“. It has been recorded live and thanks to Donal Gallagher's admittance - released in an edition of 500 CDs, which can be purchased through the internet (www.rory.de) or be ordered from Jakob Mulder from the Rory Gallagher Fanclub in the Netherlands (although I'm afraid to say there are hardly any CDs left). This concert proved to be much fun with about a dozen musicians changing places on stage and really having a party with Rory's songs.

From that time on there happened to be an annual meeting of all friends of Rory's music in that area and „The Loop“ went on organizing concerts with guests from Hamburg, Tuebingen, Muenster etc.

In 1998 the actual line-up finally came together. The invitation to the next year's Tribute Festival in Leeuwarden (Holland) turned out to be the perfect second start for the band (now having turned into a quartet, completed by a piano-player).

During the last two years „The Loop“ went on heading deeper and deeper into the large fundus of songs written by Rory, especially concentrating an those songs not that often being played by tribute-bands.

This year's invitation to visit Ireland has been the absolute climax in the band's career and they've worked hard on preparing a survey of their favourite music, playing lots of rock & blues but also a number of Rory's acoustic-songs and ballads they love so much.

In a way nobody had expected, Ireland turned out to become one of the band's most wonderful experiences. Right from the start Rory's fans gave all imaginable support to the band during their first „Irish Tour“

The very first concert at the Brog Maker in Kilkenny (Castlecomer Road, just contact Pierce Cullen) left The Loop overwhelmed by a „warm welcome“ turned into a great party. As they toured on via Waterford (The Hog's Head), Myrtleville (The Pine Lodge) and Youghal (The Marine Hotel) the band spent a couple of wonderful evenings with all kinds of people (Rory-fans, music-lovers, really cool bikers, freaks... love you!) and with their help went on rocking down the venues.

The final gig led The Loop to the, Rory Gallagher Meeting Place“, Conolly Street, Midleton and of course to Tony Moore who had done all the hard work of organizing and booking the tour. Thank you very much, Tony! - At the Meeting Place The Loop gave their best to really make it a showdown that fit the tour. Letting it all go and just trying to find the way back to that kind of rock ‘n’ roll concerts Rory used to do. It was a special honour to meet Donal Gallagher after the show, while the band bade farewell to the audience, having a couple of pints with them.

So the „Irish Tour 2000“ really proved to be a great success for The Loop and even more an unforgettable time with many new friends they have met.

Back in their home town The Loop right now are busy in preparations for the next time they hit the road, heading - probably this autumn - down to Southern Germany and Switzerland ...

Volkhard Schuster - git., vocals
Michael Welzel - bass
Karl Christoph Dressler - drums
Jan Sperhake - keys, vocals

There is a review of the Kilkenny concert from The Loop (published in the KILKENNE PEOPLE) where it is said, that the band played in Midleton with Gerry McAvoy. That's not the truth. Gerry McAvoy sadly was not there.

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